Ubisoft unveils new cloud technology that will revolutionize video games

Ahead of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Ubisoft unveils Ubisoft Scalara new cloud-native game development technology.

Ubisoft Scalar is not a game engine but precisely adds great flexibility to it at the cloud level, which makes it possible to overcoming physical and technological barriers to the creation of video games. Let’s come back together to this new technology that will create the games of tomorrow.

What is Ubisoft Scalar?

Developed by Ubisoft Stockholm teams, in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios located in Malmö (Ubisoft Massive), Helsinki (Ubisoft Redlynx), Bucharest and Kyiv, this brand new technology aims to revolutionize the way of creating in the video game industry. Comment ? Simply by reducing technical and production constraints to allow developers to focus on the gaming experience.

As so aptly said Per-Olof Romell, product manager at Ubisoft Stockholm: “Until now, when we wanted to create a game, we had to circumvent material and technical constraints. Ubisoft Scalar is removing them, to give developers a new set of challenges. […] The goal is to rethink and relearn how to create games“.

Ubisoft Scalar is compatible with all platformsgiving development teams and gamers the flexibility and benefits of a cloud-native gaming experience.

Ubisoft Scalar - Millenium
Ubisoft Scalar

In terms of technology, how does it work?

Ubisoft Scalar’s architecture transforms elements of traditional game engines (AI, audio, physics, etc.) into micro services in the cloudmoving computing power from local machines to a distributed model across a potentially unlimited number of machines.

This means that the possibilities at stake are astronomical. Endowed with virtually infinite computing power, games using Ubisoft Scalar will be able to constant developmentenrich each of their elements without compromise and thus create vast virtual worlds with complex environments. Never seen before.

This is a truly unique moment in our career as developers. We feel the same inspiration and the same freedom as when we have a computer in our hands for the first time: this feeling that everything is possible, thanks to the full power of the cloud at our fingertips for the first time in the industry.” said Christian HolmqvistCTO at Ubisoft Stockholm.

What does this bring to players?

Ubisoft Scalar technology will also aim to provide gamers around the world an immersive experience and above all continue. Servers will be constantly improving, without players even having to quit the game or even realize it.

The flexibility of this new technology eliminates the need for players to download patches or have to leave a game for an update.

Moreover, according to Christian Holmqvist : “Developers can work on worlds while players are playing them. This will make feedback much faster. […] It will also be possible to accommodate more players in a shared world, so the social side will be much more developed“.

Because yes, Ubisoft Scalar is also designed for players to allow them to interact more easily with the community, with their environment as well as with the developers, for whom a new world of possibilities opens up.

And for developers?

Limitless creative freedom. Indeed, Ubisoft Scalar, by allowing developers to more freely exploit the immensity of the cloud, offers them new challenges to overcome and above all many creative perspectives never explored before.

The creative minds of the developers will therefore be able to express themselves, freed from the traditional constraints of the creation of video games which they were facing and thus create tomorrow’s games.

Ubisoft - Millenium

Where will this new technology be available?

For the moment and rather logically, Ubisoft Scalar will be available in Ubisoft studios (using cloud computing) because developed by the recent department Production Technologies of the company. In the latter, more than 500 employees are actively working with the aim of developing this type of innovative technology that will help Ubisoft studios bring their projects to life.

Ubisoft Stockholm, birthplace of Ubisoft Scalar, actively working on a new license which harnesses the full potential of this core technology to provide players around the world with a gaming experience on a scale never seen before. The company’s teams did not wish to reveal more about this project and more information will be coming soon.

“Ubisoft relies on 35 years of continuous investment in research and development and proprietary technologies because technological independence is an essential differentiating element in the industry. Ubisoft Scalar is part of this lineage, by stimulating both our creativity and our unique model of co-development through new means of collaboration on a global scale. This is a major step forward and a milestone for the gaming community.”

Guillemette Picard, Vice President Production Technologies at Ubisoft

In any case, this unprecedented technology could well revolutionize the world of video game creation as we know it. Cloud mining will allow the development of vast worlds, guaranteeing even more intense virtual immersion for players!


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