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On March 18, Togo hosted Google’s ”Equiano” submarine cable. The country becomes the first landing point. Its capacity to provide broadband internet in terms of bandwidth will become 20 times greater than that of other cables currently serving the continent. Togo will thus connect to its 2nd submarine cable, after the WACS.

(Cio mag) – This is a new foundation for the implementation of Togo’s digital transformation strategy. By being the first African country to host ”Equiano”, Google’s submarine cable, Togo is taking a new step in its transformation into a logistics and technological hub in the sub-region. The project was carried out in conjunction with Csquared. Always faithful to its public-private partnership policy, the country, through the Digital Infrastructure Company (SIN), worked to sign a partnership that led to the creation of “Csquared Woezon”, a company now responsible for maintenance, operation of the Equiano submarine cable.

Accelerating Togo’s digital transformation

Cina Lawson, Minister of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation

The ultimate goal of this large-scale infrastructure inaugurated by the President of the Togolese Republic is to accelerate the digitalization of the country. By 2025, Togo has set itself the goal of covering 95% of its population and 90% of public businesses, administrative and school buildings with broadband internet, recalled Cina Lawson, Minister of Digital Economy and digital transformation.

“Expanding access to high-speed Internet is a fundamental component of our national digital development process as part of our efforts to achieve the objectives set out in our digital transformation strategy called “Togo Digital 2025””, explained the minister.

Equiano’s landing in Togo will strengthen the country’s capacity to build and consolidate a digital infrastructure that will have long-term positive economic benefits for Togo, but also for its neighbors in West Africa. we in Lome.

A project with a strong economic impact

The operationalization of the Equiano submarine cable is expected to create around 37,000 new jobs by 2025. It will bring the country’s economic return to US$351 million, project partners estimate in an economic impact assessment.

“As Togo continues to earn its place on the regional and international scene as a digital hub and an ecosystem conducive to innovation and investment, our collaboration with Google and CSquared to successfully land Equiano demonstrates once again Togo’s commitment to improving public and social services for all citizens so that they can benefit economically »underlined Cina Lawson, Minister of the Digital Economy and Digital Transformation.

“Equiano’s landing demonstrates Google’s commitment to the African continent, to support Africa’s digital transformation. We are delighted that Togo is Equiano’s first landing point on the African continent, as it aligns with the country’s ongoing efforts to promote digital inclusion for Africa,” said Nitin Gajria, Google’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan Africa. For Lanre Kolade, Managing Director of the CSquared Group: “It is a real honor for CSquared to be part of Togo’s digital strategy, a strategy focused on social inclusion and economic development that will transform the economy through a service Accessible, safe and affordable high-speed Internet, regardless of gender or geographical location”. “Thus, Togo will be able to realize its ambition to become a digital hub in West Africa with connectivity to neighboring countries, Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso,” he added.

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Equiano will have to connect Portugal to South Africa. By seizing the opportunity to connect to the project, Togo has bet on seeing broadband accessibility improve further on its territory, with, among other impacts, lower costs. The goal is to accelerate the digital transformation of the country, by acting on the inclusion of all layers. According to forecasts, the infrastructure should be operational by the end of 2022.

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