Throwback to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Wave 1 DLC

There is no need today to introduce the one that has become THE benchmark for multiplayer games for small cars, certainly offering a lot of fun but also some settling of scores, sometimes a little stormy, between friends or family. Because yes, we must not joke with Mario Kart. License lovers know this well… Nothing is ever won (or lost) in the game!

Menu Mario Kart : L’apIt’sritif !

It was during the Nintendo direct on February 9 that we learned with surprise and happiness of the arrival of an avalanche of DLC to further enrich the famous Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, available since 2017 on Nintendo Switch. The deployment will be done gradually, in order to let the players take full possession of each of the circuits (which will unfortunately only be remakes of those already available over the many titles of the license), while keeping a little excitement for future releases. A kind of delicacy that is good to savor patiently… Dare we say, that it will allow us to wait until the real, next Mario Kart? Let’s hope so !

March 18 marked the release date of the first wave of DLC, with 2 cups within it, for a total of 8 races. After having multiplied the routes of small cars, having skidded on dozens of banana peels strategically placed by the neighbor (but it’s over yes!), we deliver to you our impressions of this “new” content.

When you open the software, nothing has changed. You will have to go directly to the mode of your choice to make sure that the DLC has arrived (a short passage through the eshop is necessary). The opportunity to remind you that it is of course essential to have the basic game to be able to benefit from all that will follow… In addition, owners of the Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscription will be able to adopt the DLC without paying any further.

Back to our karts. Hop, a little tour in the menu… The cuts are present! Two in number, they each have 4 circuits, like the other coupettes already present in the software.

The gold turbo cutIt’se

We start with a whirlwind passage in the heart of Paris, around the beautifully highlighted Eiffel Tower in the circuit straight out of the Mario Kart Tour. Passing from the ticket office to the areas under construction (aaaah Paris!), all we needed was the smell of exhaust pipes and the din of traffic jams to feel fully in the capital! The circuit, long and varied, is elegantly incorporated into our basic game and the pleasure of driving at full speed in Paname is there. A great success, a divine appetizer, with successful decorations and completely in the theme! In addition, the last round reserves a tasty little surprise.

The second circuit comes from the 3DS, with its classic Circuit Toad. While we are still amazed by the Parisian visit (all dapper under OLED), we must recognize a slight tumble in enthusiasm. Indeed, this is the circuit for which we were the most skeptical: if the graphics have necessarily taken a big facelift, we remained somewhat unsatisfied throughout the race. The decorations, if not these imposing Toad balloons, generally lack detail, and the course itself is of very limited interest. It remains to admit distinct tastes with the players, and each of them must be able to find what they are looking for in this DLC. Are there any fans of this course among you, dear readers? The circuit is quite short… Let’s continue, there is still a long way to go to reach the podium!

We continue by the choco mountain, a small symbol of the N64. Let anyone who has never hit his kart against a large scree denounce himself with pride! The redesign of the circuit is considerable: if the latter was frankly ugly on N64 (Let’s be honest…!) and caulked in a thick fog, it is today worthy of enthroning within this DLC, giving the strong impression to the pilots that we are, to speed through a dangerous canyon.

The cut ends on the Coco supermarket. Remember… Those escalators where it was good to take the right direction in order to go noticeably faster and thus claw back precious seconds from the opponent. Here they are again on the front of the stage (However more accessible since with big arrows… You can’t go wrong!), while your opponents remain just as tough with all their red shells, and the traditional (So frustrating in front of … But hilarious behind!) blue shell. The course is pleasant and, although it is not so easy to make something new out of something old (it lacks a bit of detail all the same…), the graphics remain coherent and perfectly in line with the theme of this festival of racing cars in right in the heart of a supermarket.

La coupe maneki-neko

With a name like that, we almost expected to see cats everywhere! In truth, this lucky cat is a very beautiful image to properly welcome the first course of this new cup: the crossing of Tokyo. Endowed with pretty endemic decorations, with some “jazzy” sounds, the reunion with the course taken from the Mario Kart Tour is enjoyable. Just like the visit to the French capital (which is now one of our favorites), the last lap will be somewhat different, like a mirror in Tokyo: enough to spice up the end of the race!

The mushroom ledge (coming from our little DS) should bring back some memories… This maze of cars had this little something annoying, and yet we liked so much to confront this sometimes chaotic circuit. If he’s back today, he may seem easier to you (would you just be better?). In addition, some funny vehicles will sport on their roof a delicate surfboard on which you can lean to gain a few seconds. The trucks are always in the game, good driving will be necessary to emerge victorious from this little mess.

The flying garden (on GBA, remember?) takes place in the clouds and was, at the time, cheerfully thinking of an excursion in a fluffy universe. The redesign is impressive (we had to go back to the original layout to see the important work to get there!). Again, the sets remain quite simplistic, but compared to the original, the giant leap is undeniable!

Finally, this cup (and our discovery of the 1st wave!) ends on the Dojo Ninja circuit. Undoubtedly the most successful of this wave, the course is full of little surprises and will appeal to all fans of the genre. Your little racing car will have to hold on at the same time on a staircase, in the air, on a suspended beam… All with Maskass who are wondering what you are doing here! Dynamism, originality and successful graphics, enough to end on a nice note!

L’apIt’sro Mario (Kart), çgave what ?

Whatever may be said, adding a few additional circuits to the Mario Kart juggernaut will always be a small success in itself. The software has such power for many players (not all, of course) that it should find its audience without great difficulty. The latter will be happy to find on Switch particularly successful circuits, in particular those based on Mario Kart Tour. Memories of youth should resurface thanks to the echoes of certain routes… Nevertheless, the decorations of some circuits remain a little below, with a lack of detail. The only real downside to this DLC (apart from the price, which can always be discussed!), new players who have hardly done their first youthful races on previous consoles could well be very slightly disillusioned with the relative sobriety of certain circuits (notably the Toad Circuit). This is an opportunity to bring out the previous consoles in order to realize the giant leap that has been achieved! The lovers of the license, them, (us!), will once again take considerable pleasure in chaining skids all by sending a maximum of shells without the slightest remorse! Because we must definitely not joke with Mario Kart!

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