The Quarry: The horror game of the summer from the creators of Until Dawn

More than 7 years later Until Dawn, Supermassive Games is back alongside 2K in order to offer fans of horror games and jumpscares galore a new “teen-horror“. Responding to the intriguing name of The Quarryit is intended to be deployed on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and pc (on Steam) from Friday, June 10, 2022. Great news considering that Until Dawn was a PS4 exclusive, and it even allows multiple players to join the game!

  • The Quarry is already available for pre-purchase on Steam in Basic Edition (€59.99) or Deluxe (€69.99).

History and cast of The Quarry

The Quarry tells the story of nine counselors from an American summer camp who meet up for one last night with friends in order to enjoy a few moments without the daily worries of family life. However, while things seem to be off to a good start, the band of friends find themselves under the yoke of extremely aggressive and violent natives.

The original recklessness quickly gives way to the making of vital decisions, forging and breaking relationships and leading to a more or less tragic fate depending on the choices made by each of the protagonists. The final night of “teenage life” soon turns out to be the most nightmarish night of the nine monitors… The only salvation for each of them: daybreak. But will they all survive that long?


The cast is also very interesting since it is composed of the following actors and actresses:

  • David Arquette (Scream) as Chris
  • Ariel Winter (Modern Family) as Abigail
  • Brenda Song (Dollface) as Kaitlyn
  • Evan Evagora (Star Trek: Picard) as Nick
  • Halston Sage (Goosebumps, the movie) as Emma
  • Justice Smith (Pokémon: Detective Pikachu) as Ryan
  • Miles Robbins (Halloween) as Dylan
  • Siobhan Williams (Forsaken) as Laura
  • Skyler Gisondo (Halloween) as Max
  • Zach Tinker (American Horror Story) as Jacob
  • Ethan Suplee (American History X) as Bobby
  • Grace Zabriskie (The Grudge) as Eliza
  • Lance Henriksen (Falling) as Jedediah
  • Lin Shaye (Insidious) as Constance
  • Ted Raimi (Spider-Man 1, 2 & 3) as Travis

Decisive and deadly choices… in multiplayer!

The concept behind The Quarry is, as we indicated previously, similar to that of Until Dawn although more advanced and greatly improved according to its developers.

You play as a group of rather unsophisticated young friends who, in turn, experience events in a vacation home lost in the middle of nature. During your little journey, each of the characters faces situations during which he has several choices at his disposal. Depending on which one you choose, then the story takes a whole different turn… For better or for worse!

In addition to these multiple choices impacting the overall story that you follow (and control), actions sometimes take place and you have to press more or less quickly on a series of keys on your keyboard (or controller). Depending on whether you succeed or not, the adventure also takes another turn for the “victim” character of these “QTEs” as they are called (Quick Time Events).

The Quarry is, to put it simply, a player-driven story. According to his often involuntary actions, he leads each of the protagonists but also antagonists to a more or less jovial end. However, unlike Until Dawn of which it wants to be “the spiritual sequel”, The Quarry allows the player to invite up to 7 of his friends online so that they vote during critical decision-making.

The “teen-horror” of 2022 also offers a mode in local cooperation, allowing each of the two players to embody one of the two protagonists present in each mini-chapter.


System Requirements For The Quarry

Operating system

Windows® 10 64 bits

Windows® 10 64 bits


Intel® Core™ i5-3570


AMD® FX-8350

Intel i9-10900K


AMD Ryzen 7-3800XT


8 GB

16 GB

Graphic card

Nvidia GTX 780


Radeon RX 470

Nvidia RTX 2060


Radeon RX 5700

Disk space

50GB of space

available storage

50GB of space

available storage

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