Test – Trivial Pursuit Live 2: an excellent adaptation of the board game

Seven years after Trivial Pursuit Live!, Ubisoft is delivering a sequel to its excellent adaptation of the famous board game Trivial Pursuit. And the title was well worth the wait…

Adaptations of board games into video games are rarely great successes, except perhaps for a select few such as the excellent Risk Factions from Electronic Arts or more recently Wingspan. Trivial Pursuit Live! managed to earn an honorable mention in 2015. Faithful to the question-and-answer game, Ubisoft’s game clearly lacked originality and depth.

In this test, you must each choose in turn an element corresponding to the question asked.

Seven years later, the French publisher finally gives us its sequel. Trivial Pursuit Live 2! takes up everything that made the success of the original while bringing its share of new features. The most striking, without a shadow of a doubt, is its streamer mode, which allows viewers of a stream to interact with their favorite streamers by commenting live on the players’ choices. An original idea, but which ultimately concerns only a very small percentage of players.

Trivial Pursuit Live 2! perhaps lacks a bit of originality in its content. It will be necessary to be content here with games in 3 or 5 rounds, up to four players locally and online. Games in 3 rounds last about 20 minutes, those in 5 rounds 30 to 40 minutes. Of course, it is also possible to play it alone against AIs.

The questions are sometimes a little too specific…

The concept remains the same as in the board game: each round confronts the four players with a particular test. In some it will be necessary to choose the correct answer as quickly as possible, in others to choose an element from a list of proposals each in turn, etc. There are a few effective variations. Depending on his answer, the player is awarded a certain number of points which unlock, in stages, pie charts. It will take six to win the game.

The richness of the game comes mainly from its incredible catalog of questions that relate to themes such as history, geography, science, entertainment or the arts. Each player will be offered a choice of theme during a round, which may tip the scales in their favor… directly one more Camembert…

The topics covered are varied.

Clearly, we would not have been against more original game modes. But for a title sold at €19.99, Trivial Pursuit Live 2! remains a solid proposition. The questions are numerous and very varied, the presentation is neat since it recalls that of an American television show, the tests are varied, and the title is playable in solo, locally and online, with the addition of a Twitch option… At most, we can blame him for a few questions that are too specific, and a few sloppy elements, such as the modeling of the public in the stands. Visually, the title is indeed very neat, with colorful menus, a nice interface, a pleasant staging and full dubbing in French. Clearly, Ubisoft has outdone itself to deliver an adaptation that is superior to the original in every way. If you love board games and the pandemic has digitized your relationships somewhat, Trivial Pursuit Live 2! therefore seems to be a very good option to spend excellent evenings with friends.


Trivial Pursuit Live 2 is a very successful adaptation of the famous board game. Ubisoft has managed to perfectly transcribe the gaming universe digitally. The presentation of the title is neat, the questions numerous and varied, the game offers solo, local and online multiplayer and even a “public” mode accessible to Twitch subscribers, which allows streamers to interact with their audiences. Fun, colorful and ideal for livening up an evening with friends, Trivial Pursuit Live 2 is a real success. At most he will be criticized for a relative lack of originality in terms of game modes and some questions that are really too specific. However, quiz enthusiasts will get their money’s worth!

Trivial Pursuit Live 2

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