Opening in Doha of the 7th General Congress of the Arab Electricity Union with the participation of Morocco

The work of the 7th General Congress of the Arab Electricity Union (UAE) opened on Sunday in Doha, with the participation of delegations representing institutions specialized in water and energy from the public and private sectors of the world. Arab, including Morocco.

Morocco is represented at this event by a delegation led by Abdel Rahim El Hafidi, President of the UAE, Director General of the National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE), and comprising officials, engineers and representatives of several private companies active in the field of energy and renewable energies.

In his opening remarks, Saad Bin Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs of Qatar, said that the congress aims to embody the slogan chosen by the union, namely “Working towards a common vision to achieve a promising future for electricity in the Arab world”, explaining that it is also an opportunity to highlight the opportunities and challenges facing this vital sector, as well as the means and prospects for its development in a to ensure a prosperous future for all Arab peoples.

He stressed the importance of developing a more in-depth and precise vision with the aim of establishing a unified Arab strategy, based on best practices in the field of energy and renewable energies at the Arab and international levels. .

Al-Kaabi said in this sense that the State of Qatar will work with all Arab countries to increase interest in electricity-related issues, activate joint coordination and constructive cooperation through agreements. , electricity and energy interconnection projects to support Arab electricity networks and encourage investments to support the global transition to low-carbon energy.

For his part, Mr. Abdel Rahim El Hafidi indicated that the conference constitutes an important stage in which to discuss the most important stages of the reform, and to recall the assessment of what has been accomplished with a view to promoting the Union, over the past three years, noting that the delegates will discuss the axes of the new vision, resulting from the restructuring of the union since 2018, which will make it possible to meet the challenges of changes in the electricity sector at the international and regional levels.

He pointed out that the new vision has been crystallized in order to help frame the work of Arab companies to focus their efforts in the field of continuous innovation and development in the electric power sector, and this through the coordination work undertaken by the Union, in particular the generalization and strengthening of electrical interconnection between the Arab countries at the lowest cost.

He considered that the achievements that have been successful are a first step for the implementation of what has been programmed in the last three years, despite the conditions of the pandemic, while the second step of the reform constitutes a complementary step for the Union to help adopt effective means to expand its activities.

As for Mr. Essa Bin Hilal AL-Kuwari, president of the General Electricity and Water Company of Qatar (Kahramaa) and president of the congress, he explained that this vision can only see the light of day with the participation of all the parties concerned, to reflect their aspirations and meet their needs in the field of electrical energy.

He also considered the congress as a unique platform for meeting and consultation, bringing together decision-makers and an elite of specialists and workers in the electricity sector in the Arab world, to present their research work and their achievements, and to communicate with specialized international experts in order to support the latest developments in the field.

According to him, the number of participants in the congress amounted to more than 600 specialists, managers and interested actors, while the number of documents that will be presented within the framework of 13 workshops amounted to 120 working documents.

For her part, Ms. Jamila Matar, Director of the Energy Department at the Arab League, confirmed that the electricity sector in most Arab countries plays an important role in providing electricity to all consumers with the necessary quality, and through the mobilization of huge investments, to keep up with the constant increase in consumption.

She pointed out that the current conditions in the energy markets are subject to great fluctuations, due to global geopolitical unrest, and that the transformation of the energy sector constitutes a real opportunity for sustainable economic growth, adding that the estimates show that the demand for electricity will increase every year by a large percentage, which can only be met through a joint Arab effort, the main basis of which is the comprehensive Arab electricity interconnection, in addition to the manufacture of electricity. electrical equipment.

The agenda of the congress, whose work continues until March 22, includes discussion panels on policies and strategies of the electricity sector in the Arab world, prospects for the electricity sector in the Arab world in terms of accompanying the pace of the fourth industrial revolution, and the role of new and renewable energies in the development of the economy and the preservation of the environment, the prospects of the common Arab electricity market and interconnection projects and the modernization of Arab electricity systems and their transformation into intelligent systems.

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