LG 55 C1: the queen of OLED TVs finally goes to €999 for the end of stocks!

Good news LG 55 C1: the queen of OLED TVs finally goes to €999 for the end of stocks!

If there was only one 4K OLED TV to know, it would be the LG 55 C1. If the reputation of this best seller is so solid, it is not for nothing. Perfect mastery of OLED technology, ideal TV for playing on PS5 or Xbox Series X, an amazing cinema mode… independent tests and consumers, everyone applauds the C1. While the C2 points the tip of its nose, retailers are emptying their stocks of C1. As a result, we are entitled to a crazy price, never seen since Black Friday.

The LG C1 is THE TV model of 2021. Its 2022 evolution is already available for pre-order. Bad surprise: prices have gone up quite a bit. At launch, the C2 costs nearly €2,000 (in 55 inches, or 139 cm diagonally). The 2021 C1 is a TV quite similar to its little sister, and it currently costs half as much (still in 55 inches).

To our knowledge, the C1 was at its best price on Black Friday 2021: €999. As a reminder, this is a high-end TV launched at around 1600€. Not many people believed it, but here it is again below the 1000€ mark for the second time!

If you want our opinion, it’s now or never to buy an excellent 4K OLED TV at the best price. If you are interested in the offer, we also advise you not to delay too long, at €999, we would be very surprised if stocks lasted a long time.

Buy the LG 55 C1 at 999€ on Rakuten

LG 55 C1: the queen of OLED TVs finally goes to €999 for the end of stocks!

About the seller

Rakuten is what is called a “market place”. Basically, the site only serves as a platform for independent sellers to sell their inventory. On a marketplace, it is essential to check whether the seller is reliable. Do not panic, we have done this job for you. The seller is Dealoshop and we have already met him many times. Dealoshop has its own site. It is a seller with a lot of sales to its credit and above all excellent reviews from verified buyers. So you can go there with your eyes closed!

Why is the LG 55C1 the benchmark 4K OLED TV?

When we talk about OLED TV, at least currently, we are necessarily talking about LG. LG Displays factories are the only ones in the world capable of mass-producing large OLED panels. People who buy Philips, Sony or other OLEDs therefore buy LG OLEDs.

This mastery of the most premium display technology on the market has a direct consequence: LG is widely regarded as the best value for money manufacturer in the high-end 4K TV sector. The C1 is a particularly bright and efficient OLED TV on all fronts.

For the gaming, it’s the best of the best to enhance your brand new PS5 or Xbox Series X. The TV is equipped with a 120 Hz panel and HDMI 2.1 ports, so you’ll be entitled to games in 4K HDR 120 FPS. Better still, the C1 embeds technologies typical of PC gamer screens: ultra-low response time, VRR and ALLM for ever smoother games… in short, you get the picture.

As for films and series, again, it is very difficult to do better. The OLED technology sublimated by LG allows an almost infinite level of contrast, perfect blacks, 100% color fidelity… on its own, it really does the job. Out of the box, without adjustment, it’s already nickel. For movie lovers, you are even entitled to the “FilmMaker mode” which perfectly reflects the intentions of the directors.

The AI ​​of the C1, extremely powerful, improves both the sound and the image permanently, this is called upscalling. Better still, this AI makes it possible to make up for the major defect of OLED: the risk of “burning” the screen. Basically, if a vivid element remains for dozens of hours in a fixed place on an OLED screen, there is a non-zero chance that this screen will remain imprinted with a TV channel logo or a bar of very red life. On the C1, it’s almost impossible. The AI ​​anticipates danger by constantly alternating the pixels displayed on the screen. It’s invisible to the naked eye, and that makes all the difference.

LG also has a critically acclaimed “operating system”. Controlled by the MagicRemote, the “Wii controller” remote control, WebOS is extremely fluid, ergonomic and pleasant to use. Applications like Twitch, YouTube, Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov are perfectly optimized there.

We are not going to make crates of it, the reputation of the beast speaks for itself. When the C1 is at this price, why deprive yourself?

Buy the LG 55 C1 at 999€ on Rakuten

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