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The development of Halo Infinite is not easy. The studio is lagging behind on planned features in the game and the game’s Season 2 scheduled for early May ultimately won’t feature co-op mode which will come later. In the meantime, players are always asking for more content in the game and the studio details today what it has planned to counter cheating in the game.

Developers want to avoid communicating about Arbiter

The developers remind that Halo Infinite has its own anti-cheat system, called Arbiter.

Our vision for anti-cheat in Halo Infinite is to have the least possible impact on the experience of legitimate players, whether it’s game performance, compatibility, or privacy. We want to make cheat development slow and difficult, and detect cheating techniques quickly.

We haven’t discussed Arbiter or anti-cheat much publicly before this for one major reason: the more detail we provide about its systems and how it works, the more information we provide directly to developers and cheat users. . We want to keep this as secret as possible, for as long as possible.

The question that everyone asks, and this for any game, is why do we see cheats in the game even though an anti-cheat is available?

The Halo Infinite anti-cheat strategy detailed

343 Industries details its strategy to fight against cheating in Halo Infinite:

  • Prevention. This is perhaps the most vital step in the development process and it can pay off later. By diving into the architecture of the game engine and restructuring it to make it difficult for cheat creators to find the information they want, we can prevent or slow down the mass creation of cheats. It’s especially important to us to fix legacy components that were secure enough for console, but don’t meet the standards for a modern PC game.
  • Protection (via Arbiter): When most people discuss anti-cheat, it’s usually the “wall” defense mechanism they’re referring to. In this case, protection means securing the construction of the game with this “wall” as well as securing the game data that players may have on their computer during a match. Prevention and protection is the foundation of our anti-cheat philosophy and is where we will continue to make a strong investment: it’s always best to stop cheaters before they can enter a match with legitimate players. Arbiter as it exists today focuses primarily on this idea.
  • Detection : No matter how much work we do in prevention and protection, we know there will always be cheaters. We need to make sure we can find them and understand how their tricks work. We can do this from the build of the game itself, internal automated methods and game telemetry, as well as investigating player reports. When gamers think of anti-cheat software, it’s usually the most visible component and an important part of how commercial solutions like Easy Anti-Cheat or BattlEye work.
  • Implementation : Once a cheater has been detected, we take action by issuing bans correlated to the severity of the cheat. These bans can vary in scope (account bans or material bans) as well as duration (temporary or permanent). As with detection, common anti-cheat software often helps handle this part.
  • Improvement : if we ever stop thinking or improving, we will fall behind. No anti-cheat system is perfect, so we need to stay flexible and iterative while continuing to improve every part of this approach over time.

In its areas of progress, 343 Industries indicates that detection and the ability to report other players in the game are among the priorities. A signaling system in the game is also under development to make the maneuver more accessible. The studio states that “It will take time as we build and polish all the necessary support systems in the pipeline to make it work smoothly and accurately. »

Finally, the developers are aware of players banned from Halo Infinite creating new accounts to circumvent bans. The developers are working on more ways to spot this kind of behavior and are thinking, for example, of forcing newcomers to play a minimum of games before they can start ranked games. For now, the developers are thinking of asking to play at least 25 games, but this figure could be reviewed.

In summary, the studio continues to work to counter cheating on Halo Infinite and specifies that anti-cheat updates will be deployed as soon as they are available, without waiting for a big patch to be planned for the game.

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