Chocobo GP: Square Enix apologizes for abusive micro-transactions

After a most controversial launch week for Chocobo GPthe Game Producer of the game at Square Enix, Hironori Okayama, spoke at length on Twitter in order to apologize to the gaming community for the exploitation deemed abusive of micro-transactions in the game. He also promises rewards in compensation for this controversy, but that may well not be enough…

When players speak out against micro-transactions

Just a week after its rollout, Chocobo GP players have been making their voices heard on social media, especially Twitter and Reddit. The reason is rather simple: micro-transactions are considered to be far too present in a game that has already paid 50 euros.

Among the more specific points complained of, there is not only the Season Pass but also the method of obtaining Mythril, the in-game currency. In fact, the idea of ​​the store is that it is designed to oblige you no matter what. gets to spend your money. To do this, nothing could be simpler: if you want to obtain a cosmetic object, then most often it is either purchasable in exchange for several hundred Mythrils, or obtainable through the Season Pass.

Only here… The Season Pass costs Mythrils, and Mythrils are only purchasable in exchange for real money. Enough to make the players who bought the game at full price cringe very hard. Worse still, the Season Pass requires, according to some feedback, such intensive farming that it is hardly interesting a priori if you plan to play Chocobo GP occasionally.

Enough to leave a serious bitter aftertaste in the mouths of the players, and that is quite easy to understand.

Image credits: Gamekult - Millenium
Image credits: Gamekult

Rewards promised in compensation, yes but…

Fortunately for Chocobo GP, the Game Producer of the game, Hironori Okayama, recently took the floor to offer what seems to be his most sincere apologies for the abusive micro-transactions observed in game, but also for other problems in relatively controversial line too, such as:

  • Inability to participate in certain races after purchasing certain items
  • The “Ready” state is not applied to some players at the start of the race, preventing them from participating in the current race
  • The race start count is offset from the real timer

To compensate for these issues, Okayama has already announced a reward and a major upcoming fix:

  • 500 Mythrils are offered to all Chocobo GP players
  • Reduced experience requirement for Season Pass level up (players who have already gained experience will gain levels if they have gained enough experience to upgrade to the new experience requirements of subsequent tiers)

Interestingly, from the words of Hironori Okayama, the idea behind the reduced experience requirement for the Season Pass seems to be to allow players with a one-win-one-loss ratio to get a level of the Pass thanks to the stickers obtained in it. He himself explained “In this way, our new policy is to create a healthy environment in which it is easy to obtain new characters by simply purchasing the complete game”.

Cloud from Final Fantasy is one of the characters available in the Season Pass - Millenium
Cloud from Final Fantasy is one of the characters available in the Season Pass

In addition to this, the Game Producer revealed some interesting things about the future of the game, including future seasons, such as:

  • 2 new characters per season (1 in the shop, 1 in-game through Gils)
  • The characters present in the previous Season Pass will be purchasable from the following season in exchange for Mythrils or Gils
  • The new races added from Season 2 will be playable by all Switch and Switch Lite players
  • New items will be available from the middle of Season 1 in exchange for Mythrils (costumes and BGM pieces)
  • From Season 2, Mythrils will be obtainable not only as a login reward but also in the Season Pass
  • Balancing is planned for certain characters deemed too powerful. These will occur with the rollout of Season 2, unless they are too powerful and an emergency patch is required
  • More items will be available in the Mythrils store and in the Season Pass as very high level rewards

Certainly interesting measures, nevertheless it is a safe bet that this will not be enough to stem the significant outcry that this strategic error triggered on the part of the Game Producer and his teams. For the moment, Square Enix seems to have understood the lesson on Chocobo GP, remains to be seen if the coming seasons will be able to show promise and more “friendly” or not…

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