5 new Android and iOS applications to install on your smartphone

Like every weekend, we meet on NextPit for my selection of 5 free or paid mobile applications and games that caught my eye on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

I try every week to offer you the best applications possibilities that are not personal data traps or microtransaction nests. To my own findings, I also add the apps unearthed by the NextPit community and shared on our forum, which I invite you to consult.

From mobile games to productivity apps, here are the 5 apps Android/iOS free and paid from NextPit this week. We publish this selection every week, you can also consult my 5 apps of the week last.

Free Game – Zoo 2: Animal Park
Your Animals, Your Success, Your Zoo Game

Mimo (Android and iOS)

Suggested by my colleague Casten Drees, Mimo is an interesting app designed to teach the basics of coding. It’s very similar to the language-teaching app Duolingo, with step-by-step lessons that attempt to simulate simplified real-world scenarios.

Along with the core lessons, the app offers challenges, projects, and paid content that can lead to a certificate. All with a gamified experience similar to Duolingo, including comparing your results with your friends on Facebook. Mimo currently offers lessons in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JS), Python, and SQL (database).

  • Price: Free / Pubs: Non/ In-app purchases: Yes / Account: Mandatory.
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Mimo is actually a Duolingo for computer languages ​​/ © NextPit

Pure Wallpaper Generator (Android)

The second suggestion this week comes to us from the French forums, Pure Wallpaper Generator does what it says in its name. First choose between four options: single color, gradient, four colors or blurred image then select and then adjust the options to quickly get a textured wallpaper for your smartphone.

After finding the perfect combination for your mood, all you have to do is save the image or set it as your wallpaper directly from the application interface. It’s fast and simple.

  • Price: Free / Pubs: No (Yes, according to Play Store) / In-app purchases: Non / Account: Not required.
Top 5 apps 2022 03 18 02b

Compressing the image reduced the quality of the image above a bit / © NextPit

Emojimix (Android and web)

The following application was discovered after installing a prank copier of the same name. Emojimix from Tikolu studio is a web app that displays different emoji combinations, working similarly to a “cookbook” for Google’s Emoji Kitchen feature.

Mix and match emojis or use the search tool to quickly find the image you want. yes we know which one you will combine first but then you’ll just have to copy the new emoji to the smartphone’s clipboard to paste it into messaging apps, and even save it to your favorites.

  • Price: Free / Pubs: Yes / In-app purchases: Non / Account: Not required.
Top 5 apps 2022 03 18 03

Beware of these pranks in the Google Play Store! / © NextPit

NewPipe (Android)

This suggestion comes hot on the heels of the discontinuation of popular app Vanced (ad-free Advance, get it?). While this app was a modification of the official YouTube app for Android, NewPipe is a free and open-source alternative client for YouTube. More than just a third-party app for Google’s streaming juggernaut, NewPipe also works with other platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, PeetTube, and others.

NewPipe is lighter than the official app, offers video download options, does not require a user profile, collects as little information as possible, can play videos in the background, offers a pop-up player ups, ignore Stories Shorts and don’t force the algorithm on you. The only downside for some people, at least, is having to install the APK outside the Google Play Store.

  • Price: Free / Pubs: Non / In-app purchases: Non / Account: Not required.
Top 5 apps 2022 03 18 04

NewPipe doesn’t offer all the features of YT Vanced, but on the other hand, the client is super lightweight / © NextPit

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Astral Light (Android et iOS)

Since one of our recent free app recommendations had reasonable success, particularly with French readers, I’m going to return to the subject by suggesting Astral Light as a game suggestion this week.

With a soothing soundtrack, Astral Light challenges you to spin the night sky (actually a cluster of glowing dots) until it forms a constellation on the screen, real or fictional. Even though it looks easy at first, the game can be quite tricky especially if you are impatient or don’t know how to deal with 3D simulated spaces.

  • Price: Free/ Pubs: Yes/ In-app purchases: Yes / Account: Not required.

What do you think of this selection? Have you ever been able to test some of the apps on this list? What would be your Android and/or iOS apps of the week?

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